"It's Morning Again in America", what a beautiful campaign ad. 1984, Ronald Reagan.

It's Sunday and it's morning here too. My kids are waking up. I still don't let them watch the news. Or let anybody report the news to them. I make myself a coffee. I will fire up MS Word and continue work. Writing, one line after the other. And, you know what? I will try to be as funny as I can. It's hard to be funny nowadays. But it's just as important as it has always been. If we don't laugh, the terrorists win. If we laugh, and they blow us up, mow us down or slit our throats open, they win too, but at least we died laughing hysterically. Screw these thoughts. They mustn't win. Clear my thoughts. It's morning and this writer's gotta do what a writer's gotta do. Write.