You think being egoistic is bad? Consider this, then think again.

Tina is taking a bubble bath. She has her eyes closed and is enjoying her lavender scented bath foam. On the rim of her tub she has a nice cup of tea. While she is relaxing she is going through the events of the day in her mind. She is also making plans for the next day. What to prepare for breakfast for her husband and her kids, what do at school with her students. On first glance one could think Tina is immersed in a purely selfish act. She seems to be doing something just for herself, or having a little me-time, as it is called by advocates of the concept. However, by taking care of herself, Tina is getting in shape to fulfill her duties as wife, mother and part of society.

Without taking good care of yourself, you cannot truly stabilize another person.

Without taking good care of yourself, you cannot truly stabilize another.

When you are stressed and sick and overworked, you are probably not able to meet others with the kindness you find desirable. If you do not eat right, sleep right, exercise right, you are prone to make bad judgements for yourself and others.

If you cannot trust yourself, others cannot trust you either.

It is nice to want to take care of others, help others, love others. But be prepared to start with yourself and continue working on yourself for as long as you live. Treating yourself with love and respect will ultimately benefit those around you just as much.

Eat right, sleep right, exercise right, in order to be fit to help others.

Never forget, while giving yourself and your time and energy to others, that you need to work on your own strength aswell, otherwise you're destroying the very substance that is the source of your altruism. What do you think? Is the time right for a little you-time?