Quit wasting your resources now and start giving like smart people do

Sam was jumping up and down like a little boy. Of course Sam was actually a grown man these days. Most of the time. But just now, he had received a tiny gift from a friend for no reason whatsoever. This present, tiny as it was, actually made Sam really happy. To express his gratitude he jumped up and down, smiled and gave his friend a hug.

The Secret of Giving

What is the secret here? Giving a present to someone means thinking about the other person, truly trying to get the other person or at least one small aspect of their personality. A good present will be something that underlines a quality you cherish in the other person, or something endearing about them.

By giving someone a present you show them they are relevant for you.

By deciding to give a present outside of Christmas, other holidays or birthdays, you show someone you have spent time thinking about them, even if just a little moment. And you show them they are relevant for you. A gift counts as a deed and is therefore more than just a word. It is proof that you appreciate the other person as one of the good parts of your day.

The Habit of Kindness

If you become accustomed to this way of getting to know people by trying to find out what little present would make them jump up and down from happiness, if just for a moment, this habit will truly change your life. It will help you to make a deeper connection with your fellow humans. And it will fill your days with meaning where there were only routines before.

Chain reaction and ripple effect

And of course there is the chance that you will start a chain reaction of kindness around you that will ripple out into the world like a stone thrown into a lake. It is worth to give it a try, don't you think?