Some structures are more relevant to you than others

You are part of a family, even if they have become distant or passed away. Your family is relevant to you and you are relevant to your family. Family is one of our most relevant structures. Many a book and movie examine the nature of this relevance. The Godfather comes to mind.

Vito Corleone: “I work my whole life. I don't apologize to take care of my family.”

Family is a very relevant structure in the Italian tradition as presented in The Godfather.

Michael Corleone: “Fredo, you’re my older brother, and I love you, but don't you ever go against the family again.”

If you work at a company, then that company is a relevant structure to you. Hopefully the company considers you a structure that is relevant to them as well. (One could contemplate whether a company considers itself to be “a part of” their individual employees and their lives, and what consequences they draw from that.)

What is more relevant to you, your company, or your family?

The structures family and company are inter-connected. You need the money that you earn at the company to feed your family. For some employees and entrepreneurs, the family is source for both inspiration and motivation in their work at the company. Neighbors of ours are shop-owners whose store is a true family-business, where family and company overlap.

Photo by Frank McKenna

Photo by Frank McKenna

Imagine you had to choose between the company and the family. Would you give up your job if your family requires you to? Or, the other way around: Would you leave your family if your company demands it? Would you refrain from starting a family if work at the company would make it hard or impossible? How are you juggling company and family from day to day? Regarding the company, is it really the company or more your (possible) career, that are relevant to you?

We have said: “Show me your relevant structures and I tell you who you are.” – We can be more precise: “Show me the degrees of relevance within your relevant structures!”

The first step in understanding ourselves (again: as humanity, society, and individuals) is to know our relevant structures. The second step is to get honest and become aware about their order of relevance.

In what order are your relevant structures relevant to you?