Rice Cake

“Take one," the master said. He offered the student rice cake. Some cakes were decorated with a pattern. Some cakes carried secret signs that the student had yet to learn. Other cakes were plain, but colorful, red or green or yellow. Which one would the student pick?

We need to talk about ethics, on a meta-level

When Children scream “that´s not fair!”, they do so considerably louder and with much more fervor than when they scream “I am hungry” or, if ever, “I am tired!” – A scratched knee can draw both blood and tears, but the pain of “unfairness” will cause a wailing to be heard ten blocks down the street. Why is that? This might turn out to be one of humanity's most important questions.

I want to have opinions too!

Yesterday my daughter came to me in the evening and said: "Daddy, I want to have opinions too! All the children in my class have opinions!" They exchange opinions during recess. I wish they were dealing with Pokemon-cards. Those have more foundation in reality.

Never not beautiful

The person writing and the person reading, are they really one and the same? The person writing is the same person as the one paying the bills, no doubt about that. But is he or she the same person as the one who does the reading?